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About Workshop

Does it happen to you? You have a lot to say, but you struggle to find the right words and create a sentence to communicate your message? You become nervous and anxious? Then don’t worry; more than 70% of people in India face this challenge when it comes to English conversation.

You can transform your English communication skills with the correct vocabulary, command of tenses, grammar, and, most importantly, confidence. You will develop a practical communication toolkit that you can use in various professional situations such as interviews, negotiations, feedback sessions, presentations, discussions with superiors.

The workshop will equip you to express your ideas, situations, facts, stories, perspectives effectively with the right words, tone and emotion.


  • Make grammar fun with situational learning
  • Develop your vocabulary toolkit & keep expanding

Workshop Highlights

  • Learn grammar with practical situations
  • Usage-based learning of modals, adjectives, comparatives, propositions, subject-verb agreement, adverbs, conditionals
  • Understand and describe emotions, colloquialisms, interests, idioms, personality, social situations, travel, slang, workplace
  • Boost your listening and reading skills with skimming, scanning, main idea, supporting ideas, and listening strategies
  • Vocabulary toolkit – choose the right words for different situations.

Who Should Attend

  • You have basic knowledge of English and are looking to improve your professional communication skills
  • You are a student or early-stage professional
  • You want your communication to be succinct and impactful.
  • You want to learn grammar through real-life usage.
  • You want to learn vocabulary for your professional communications


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