Excel in the written form of communication

About Workshop

In this age of information overload, the only way to get yourself heard is by making your message standout from the crowd. On average, 300 billion emails, 500 million Facebook and Instagram stories, and another 500 million tweets are made each day. In this overwhelmingly crowded space, you need to master the art of business writing to reach your intended audience.

Writing consists of, but is not limited to proper grammar. It includes the art of writing concise messages, appropriate use of language, awareness of cultural differences, different artistic, and functional styles. Professionally, we write emails, reports, memos, CVs, articles, and even WhatsApp messages for work and formal situations. Each of these modes of writing require a different approach, and mastering that can help your career shoot towards success.

In order to help you write the best content and be an effective communicator, this workshop is packed with the essential points to keep in mind during professional communication.


  • Learn to write professionally: emails, blogs, reports, and more
  • Know the dos and don’ts of professional writing
  • Improve your sentences and avoid using clichés

Workshop Highlights

  • Learn to analyze your audience and tailor your content to be more effective
  • Organize your key points and use Top-Down writing
  • Strategies to do away with common spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Learn techniques to hold reader’s attention
  • Learn how to avoid legal pitfalls
  • How to write concisely and use the right tone
  • Learn how to connect with your readers

Who Should Attend

  • College Students
  • People looking for internship opportunities
  • People wanting to join the workforce
  • Those who wish to become a voice on social media
  • Those who want to write convincing reports for clients and superiors
  • Those who want to master the art of the written communication


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