Discover the steps for a Successful Career Launch

About Workshop

You worked hard to build your technical skills. It’s time to showcase them to potential employers. The industry is reinventing itself, and so is the job market. As you embark on your career, the first step to success is to master the points below.

  1. What is your niche? Participate in SWOC analysis with our expert coach to find your strengths to open relevant opportunities in the job market.
  2. Is your current profile ready to match your desired aspiration? CURE the tool to upgrade your profile.
  3. Personal Branding? You aren’t what you say you are it is what Google says about you.
  4. Effective Networking? Meet the right people and get a great Job.

It’s high time you figure out these questions for your #successful #career launch.

Here we are to answer all your questions which have always confused you. This workshop is designed, especially for the people searching for a job for the first time and for early-stage professionals to expedite their job hunt process and give a kick start a career with the proper foundation. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover your potential & learn proven methodology to find a suitable professional opportunity. Participate in an interactive workshop and get answers to your questions immediately.

Get a FREE toolkit to build your Profile.
SWOC analysis guide for continuous self-assessment.
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Workshop Highlights

  • Hands-on workshop by a professional coach with 15+ years of experience
  • Live Participation in SWOC and discover your strength to create your niche
  • Learn techniques to build your professional network to find the desired job
  • Step by step process to make your profile

Who Should Attend

  • Early-stage working professionals
  • People looking for job opportunities for the first time
  • Engineering and Management students
  • Anybody who wants to how to build a solid network to find a desired professional opportunity


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