Communication in the Digital World

About Workshop

We know that non-verbal cues like body language, forms a major chunk of our communication. But have you ever wondered how in a digital world would communication work? How do you include informal communication in the digital realm to help you build rapport at work? The usage of digital tools in online mode of communication has drastically changed the rules of effective communication.

In the workplace, being a good communicator may make you an effective worker, but without keeping a good rapport with one’s colleagues and peers, it might prove difficult to find satisfaction in one’s career. The benefits of being a good all-round communicator is that it improves the chances of success significantly. If people have a good impression of you, they are more likely to help you out.

This workshop addresses the crucial components of being a good all-round communicator. It breaks down the key aspects of a good formal and informal communication. Moreover, it takes into account the role of technology in helping you to build a good rapport with the people you work and live with.


  • Learn to use different platforms of communication to your advantage
  • Tips on effective networking
  • Learn to build rapport with your online colleagues

Workshop Highlights

  • Difference between formal and informal modes of communication
  • Benefits of healthy informal communication outside of work
  • What is Networking, how to network properly
  • Tips on effective digital networking
  • A comparison of different modes of communication
  • When to email, have regular meetings, and have video conferencing
  • Methods of making and keeping a healthy working relation with others
  • Do’s and Don’ts of communication in both formal and informal settings

Who Should Attend

  • College Students
  • People looking for internship/ job opportunity
  • People wanting to start a business
  • People who want to start freelancing and find global customers
  • People collaborating with others in remote settings
  • Professionals looking to develop good communication skills to advance their career


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