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General Questions

What is Talkingtown?

Talkingtown is an experiential learning process that makes English language simple and fun, with games. It’s a way of learning English that involves interactive methods of engaging in conversations with different people in versatile contexts. And as a first step, we have launched the English proficiency self-assessment which is based on global CEFR standards.

Why should I take the English proficiency self-assessment?
Talkingtown’s English proficiency self-assessment will help you learn English in a fun manner. A good command over the English language will increase your chances of getting good jobs in companies in India as well as abroad. English is the primary language in business across sectors. Therefore, we are here to help you gain the confidence to face the world.
What is Talkingtown’s English proficiency self-assessment?
Talkingtown’s English proficiency self-assessment is built to improve your current English proficiency level. There are six skill levels in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2, which will help you to measure your ability within a language. With this, we will also access your Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills (LSRW). These insights will give you an opportunity to improve the English language as per international standards.
How does Talkingtown’s English proficiency self-assessment work?
You can take the test anytime, anywhere on mobile or via desktop, without downloading any app. In the assessment, there will be 10 different types of question formats, mostly multiple-choice questions. In total there will be 48 interesting questions which you would need to complete in 45 minutes. Your proficiency skills will be assessed by an AI engine and microsoft cognitive services. You will get an electronic certificate with your score based on your Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills (LSRW) and on CEFR level, immediately after.

For Individuals

What is the benefit of English proficiency self-assessment?
It will provide you with actionable insights to improve your language skills and you can also use the scores in your interviews to project your English proficiency.
Can I use this test score as an alternative to IELTS or TOFEL?
No, you can’t. As we are not associated with IELTS or TOFEL
How will I get to know the development areas?
The score of Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing (LSRW) will help you to understand your development area. As per industry standards, a minimum B2 level of CEFR in communication is required.
Can I add the score to my CV?
Yes, you can add the score to your CV and can also share the certificate on social media platforms.

For Colleges 

How will this test benefit our students?
If your students take this test during the initial academic year, it will help them acquire a B2 proficiency level as early as possible, which will build their confidence during campus interviews.
Can our students present the certificate during their interviews?
Yes, they can present the certificate during interviews. Whether it be a co-certification or our electronically generated certificate, both are allowed and acceptable.
Will you share the CVs of successful test-takers with companies?
Yes, we will. We are associated with a few good companies. We will share the CVs of students who scored above the B2 level of CEFR.
Can we do co-certification for our students?

Yes, we can do co-certification for your students. The certificate will consist of the branding of your college and Talkingtown.

Can our students use this as an alternative to IELTS or TOFEL?
No, they can’t. As we are not associated with IELTS or TOFEL

For Companies 

How will Talkingtown English proficiency self-assessment help us in initial employee screening?
If your potential employees take the Talkingtown English proficiency self-assessment then through analysing their Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills (LSRW) score and CEFR score, you will be able to screen candidates for the second round of interviews. It will also note the B1 & B2 proficiency candidates for you.
What is the success threshold?

According to the industry standard, most of the companies prefer candidates who score B2 & above level of CEFR.

How can we conduct the Talkingtown English proficiency self-assessment for current employees?

We will provide you the key for your employee base. Your employees will have to login via Gmail id/company id, complete a one-time registration process and then it will ask for the key. Please ensure mobile/desktop access granted to your microphone.

How can we access the CVs of successful test-takers?
We will share the CVs of the candidates whose CEFR score is above B2 with your HR for the next round of interviews.
Can you conduct a Talkingtown English proficiency self-assessment for existing employees?
Yes, we can. It will also help you to understand which employee would need upskilling to reach the communication standards of your organization.
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